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Guitarist, composer and director. Wrote music for theater, cinema and concert. From the music for cinema, stand out “Quatro Elementos”, for string orchestra, for the film "Quatro Elementos" by Janek Pfeifer", "A Sesta" for the installation "Architectures of Stage" by João Mendes Ribeiro with choreography by Olga Roriz, awarded the Gold Medal in the 2007 Prague Quadrennial, "Concerto para Cesariny" for the film "Poema-Colagem" by Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, "Foi o Fio" for the award-winning animation "Foi o Fio" by Patrícia Figueiredo, "A Nau Catrineta" for an animation tribute to Artur Correia and "15 billion slices of (-T)+God" for Claudio Jordan’s film "15 billion slices of (-T)+God".

Wrote "Medea" for a performance of Helena Botto, "Uma Ilha na Lua" on a text by William Blake for soprano, bass, guitar and orchestra; with staging by Jose Geraldo in 2007, recorded by Antenna 2, "The legend of Gaia", on a text by José Carretas for violin, guitar and percussion, "Hypomnemata", choir for 8 voices, for a text by Pedro Eiras, and "Animais Nocturnos", by Juan Mayorga, for solo accordion, with staged by Renata Portas.

In 2011 he signed the documentary "Alboi - A Corner of the World", a political manifesto against the destruction of a popular neighbourhood that called national attention to the problem.

In 2012, he directed the documentary film "Fios de Tempo" at the invitation of the Fanatika Theatre Documentary Festival, which premiered in 2013 in India.

In 2014 he was invited to the UTOPIAS meeting at the Casa das Histórias Paula Rego to write the play "Tropisme" for a real-time animation work by Pierre Hebert.

In 2017 the film "Before the night comes - Antigone speech", was featured in various reviews and won the World Premiere Award Avanca Competition, AIP Best Cinematography (short) 2018, Sophia 2018, Lisbon, Official Selection (short), European Cinematography Awards (ECA) Aug 2018 Best Cinematography Best Actress Best Sound Design Best Original Score, among others.

His music was used in the film by Igor Parfenov "Joke" and Hamilton Trindade "Long Dream in Ecuador", in an installation by Ana Mandillo "Ballad of Sleep That Doesn’t Come" and in the short film by Janek Pfeifer "(re)Volta e Meia".

As a concert performer he performed in Europe and South America at various festivals.


Recorded his first solo guitar album "Avenidas" (2017) and released the album "Before the night comes - Antigone speech" with Xavier Marques , the soundtrack of the film he directed.


His work is published in AVA MUSICAL EDITIONS.

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